1st Premiums for Jesse R.S. and Lourens R. S

On 22 and 24 August we approved our foals during the breeding days of It Fryske Hynder.
Jesse (Menne x Jasper) from our star 1st Premium Solar won in St Nic a 1st Premium, a foal that moves very easily through the track, both in step and trot and shows a lot of suppleness.
Lourens (Jurre x Norbert) won a 1st prize in Blauhus, the jury said: Nothing to just a good foal. He was praised for the overall picture, he sits so well together and can also walk well!
A 2nd premium won Leon (Tsjalle x Krist). A very tough foal that moved with a lot of front through the track! He kept himself slightly stretched, but showed a very strong trot.

Full Brother Zenith R.S. (Tsjalle x Krist) participated in the order. This stallion has not been so often from home and found it very exciting. Which resulted in a neat 70 points.